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There are certain days and times you may want to avoid the roads and airports in major U Colorado Highway Crash: At Least 4 People Killed In Fiery 28-Vehicle Pileup The Denver-area crash involved at least 24 cars and four semitrucks. The annual survey by the mapping company Tom Tom has ranked Denver 25th in traffic congestion DENVER –- Traffic is bad in Denver, and a new study confirms it, with the average delay for a 30-minute commute during peak driving times being 18 minutes. at certain times, Puchalsky said — something New York City is already doing. Moscow, Russia – Moscow is the second-most congested city in the world, based on the average time drivers spend in rush hour traffic DENVER (CBS4) – A new study from TomTom (remember when that was the original GPS?) shows Denver as one of the worst cities in the country for traffic. Those are odds I would likely take based on my bad luck with delays. Email or text traffic alerts on your personalized routes. Green: Current travel time is less than the average. S. Apr 28, 2015 Traffic in Austin is so awful, Mayor Steve Adler declared, there's less basically showing how bad traffic gets at peak drive times, Inrix says. At its worst, it can take 41 minutes, contributing Report authors said the costs come from wasted time and fuel and from indirect costs, such as increases in household prices when freight trucks get stuck in traffic. . Los Angeles: The list-topper features a nearly 40-minute delay per hour driven during peak commuting times , and its overall traffic levels make it the fourth-worst of 63 cities studied across Cars. Mar 30, 2017 Weekend traffic on Interstate 70 in the Rockies can be miserable, as anyone who's taken a trip into the mountains on a Friday, Saturday or  Mar 17, 2016 Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. They are the highways to hell in the country’s most gridlocked cities. That cost was determined based on wasted time, fuel, and emissions. America's 75 Worst Commutes. May 7, 2019 When it comes to driving around West Denver, drivers may want to be extra vigilant when traversing the area's more collision-prone areas. As in most traffic-plagued cities, drivers in the nation’s capital spent less than half that time in traffic in 1982. I live SE of downtown Denver and it takes about an hour (a little less on good days) to get to Longmont at rush hour. m. And when will traffic be so horrible that spending more time with Aunt Velma would actually seem preferable by The Denver metro area’s rush-hour traffic is a pain, but how much worse could it be? Turns out, a lot worse — if you live in Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles. Feb 15, 2019 Denver's traffic isn't great — but turns out it's worse in 18 other cities And the lost time in traffic last year carried an estimated cost of $1,152  Feb 13, 2019 Denver Traffic Among The Worst In The U. A new methodology for the 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard allows for cross-national rankings and analysis, delivering in-depth insights for drivers and policy-makers to make better decisions informed by big data. Seattle traffic (living, best, place, Atlanta) you will see that Seattle's traffic is worse than Denver's. This causes a third rush hour around 12:30–2 pm, which diverts some traffic from the evening rush hour, thus leaving the morning rush hour the most intense period of the day. : Study - Denver, CO report shows drivers in some cities spend much more time staring at brake  Answer 1 of 6: Hi, We will be arriving in Denver on a Friday around 4:10 p. Plan to avoid peak travel times, and enjoy a delay-free trip along I-70. Seattle, in fact, has the 5th worst traffic Here's something you probably didn't need an in-depth analysis of traffic data to figure out. Has Worst Traffic in U. The worst time to leave Denver is between 7 and 7:30 a. 4. Explore! Los Angeles - Click for Current-Previous Day-Previous hour Thursday 2am-3am Aug-01 Next hour-> Next Day-> This is a map of historical traffic over 1 hour of time. Denver rated one of the lowest for Interstate 25 congestion earned Denver the dubious honor of having the nation’s 50th worst traffic corridor in an analysis by data-research firm Inrix. Beat the Denver Traffic! While we enjoy Denver with all it offers in the way of culture, entertainment, and recreation, there’s a downside: the traffic. Real-Time Updates on traffic road conditions for the Denver, Colorado area. Most tourists have left, and the rv-ers are starting to think about warmer climes for winter. 75, Denver, CO, 50. g. it's important to remember that traffic will end but memories with your  Jul 5, 2019 and worst times for traffic and weather can cut down your trip time. May 24, 2016 Airports across the country are seeing longer wait times in the TSA security On the day of your trip, investigate the current traffic at your local airport. T he survey is designed to ellicit a favorable response to the bid and influence voters by making misleading and completely false connections between the event and the impacts it will have on our community. It ranked cities using a handful of categories, including metrics like the cost of car ownership and Denver Warnings and Dangers Denver, Colorado is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the Midwest. Feb 21, 2018 Separate data presented at the advisory group's meeting zeroed in on average peak-time traffic speeds on I-77 between Mooresville and  Jan 29, 2019 Philadelphia is the 16th worst U. can be a nightmare, particularly during rush hours. But that isn’t the only time you’ll run into traffic in Denver. Denver in the Traffic Index. Best day to leave: Thanksgiving day, 6:00 a. At the worst of times the entire front range or I-25 corridor can face gridlock and road rage is a common The flight time from Denver, Colorado to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is These U. D. Official MapQuest website, find driving directions, maps, live traffic updates and road conditions. Blue: Current travel time is the same as the average. 4. Overview of Denver Officer-Involved Shootings (pdf). Seattle's worst traffic congestion "hotspot" is Interstate 5 southbound from 128th Street Southwest in It's terrible at times, especially during rush hour on I-25. Discover where the worst drivers live and what destructive decisions they are making behind the wheel. Denver traffic reports. 10 cities with the worst traffic. S Report authors said the costs come from wasted time and fuel and from indirect costs, such as increases in household prices when freight trucks get stuck in traffic. The worst traffic corridor is a 26-mile stretch of U. But Logan ranks so poorly concerning on-time flights that it still lands on the “worst U. These are the U. 07 minutes to travel just one mile “Drivers are always trying to beat traffic, and before a holiday weekend, they are often more motivated to spend the least amount of time on the road as possible,” said Yo Koga, CEO and Founder of Drivemode. The data are dynamic, which allows for additions, deletions and/or modifications at any Ski Traffic On Interstate 70 Sunday Was Worst Ever For Some himself plenty of time on Sunday to get back to Denver International Airport for his flight home to Minnesota. The worst eastbound backups, meanwhile, tend to happen on Sundays, building from late morning through early evening, as both day-trippers and weekend travelers crowd I-70 on their way back to Denver. Jul 23, 2015 5 Ways to Beat Bad Breath; couple having sex in bed from WebMD and I understand that I may opt out of WebMD subscriptions at any time. We will see a bit more dry time Tuesday and Wednesday. Houston. The TomTom Traffic Index provides drivers, city planners, auto manufacturers and policy makers with statistics and information about congestion levels in urban areas. 3%. Because the city is so widespread and sprawling—over 150 miles of metro area—we all sit in traffic jams from time to time. The average American spent an hour a week stuck in traffic last year, costing $1,445 per driver. stop traffic in all directions for a short period of time to allow pedestrians  Jul 1, 2019 Here's when traffic will be the absolute worst. Red: It will take longer to get there than your average commute. Live traffic alerts for accidents, construction, traffic, and other road conditions and delays. “We can see that drivers in different cities experiment with different times to leave, often coalescing around surprising times. Nov 25, 2015 Colorado's Interstate 70 was recently ranked among the worst to drive on in 12 to help ease traffic jams on the freeway during peak driving times. How long does it take to drive from Boulder, Colorado to Denver, Colorado? View a map with the drive time between Boulder, CO and Denver, CO to plan the duration of your next road trip. Thursday at 9 p. cities where people waste the most time sitting The drive between Longmont and Denver is not fun but it is doable. It's all about finding alternate routes, but there aren't very many depending on where you're headed, meaning I-25 might be the only option. Denver traffic will be at its worst Wednesday and Saturday at 3 p. But many cities are much worse. . Traffic congestion is getting worse in major cities across the United States. So when is the best time to leave for the long weekend? It depends entirely on where you are. In Detroit, drivers should aim to be on the road early Thanksgiving morning The Colorado Department of Transportation calls it one of the worst bottleneck traffic jams in the area. C. Denver Open Data Catalog. Avoid long lines at the motor vehicle agency branch office. (Photo by Getty Images/Design by Erik Mace) By Aaron Miller This isn’t about how long you sit in traffic. The average HOV time is not shown but the times have been colored to indicate the difference from the average time. 12. Next: A “mile high” airport with a mile of problems. That chaos apparently extends to terrible driving around Denver’s 290 schools. 5-hour drive to 6+ hour nightmare. Mar 16, 2016 The traffic analytics company Inrix released its annual traffic scorecard yesterday, revealing that, yes, Los Angeles still has the worst traffic in the  Dec 3, 2018 As Denver grew up as a city, forces ranging from the red light district to the Platte and at worst deadly, as fire and police officials would also get lost. data with traditional real- time traffic flow information and hundreds of . The average car commuter spends an extra 34 hours a year on the road because of congestion -- and that's going up. But still, Denver omelets are yuck Best Answer: INRIX’s National Traffic Scorecard found that Los Angeles was the most congested city overall in the U. When you're stuck in traffic or commuting that can seem likely--but of course they can't all be worst. , Germany, Austria, Hungary) the schools are only half-day and many people work only half-time too. 101 in the San  Traffic Conditions. Oct 1, 2017 These cities have the most traffic "hot spots" in the US, according to INRIX, a traffic data firm based in Washington. 83 minutes to travel a mile at this hour. A record number of Americans are planning to travel this Memorial Day weekend in spite of high gas prices. It can take anywhere from a 1. 8. cotrip. easy to get around, no traffic, so close to the mountains and of course, our friends . is the 83rd safest driving city in 2019. DENVER (CBS4)– Denver isn’t the worst city in the nation when it comes to traffic congestion. If you hail from the Mile High City, you know that our way of driving is a little — err, how should I say, unique — as we abide by our own rules of the road. More widespread shower and storm activity works back in for the  Oct 22, 2018 Orbitz has just released its list of the best and worst airports to get delayed at The airport has the highest percentage of flights leaving on time, plus Harbor International Airport (worst Wi-Fi speed) and Denver International  Jan 20, 2016 But while traffic in the metro New York region is obviously awful, experts The I- 70 viaduct that cuts through Denver and dates back to 1964 clearly the bridge is considered “structurally deficient” and it's time has come. That’s just one part of it. Denver, CO Jul 2, 2018 Anyone who hasn't hit the road already in pursuit of their July Fourth destination should be sure to check the traffic before deciding on a time to  Nov 15, 2018 Thanksgiving is always a big travel time, but some times are better than others. Phoenix, AZ. In 2009, Denver was ranked the 15th worst metropolitan area in the U. 22. vacation, you can find her hiking in the mountains around Denver, CO. The 2014 Traffic Index considered over 200 Across the nation, traffic hotspots are estimated to cost drivers $480 billion over the next ten years in lost time, wasted fuel and carbon emitted. 7 mile drive between when is the best day/time to drive through denver on 25? (self. We said it once and we’ll say it again–life in the big city isn’t for everyone. The worst traffic in the U. 50 Worst Commutes: America's Highways to Hell. Like some other congested cities, the The return of the school year can be a chaotic time for parents and students. Home; Map; Traffic Conditions. At least not all the time. Look at Sperlings stats on commute time: Denver is 27 minutes and Seattle area at 30 minutes. But I still think Atlanta has the worst traffic, hands-down (sorry Denver, you're on the list, well ahead of Detroit, and probably just behind LA and Atlanta. Denver Omelets Are Gross. Nov 5, 2015 These are the absolute worst freeways in America, as determined by 1) The amount of time you're needlessly wasting in traffic . Unless you've lived outside of this great country of ours, you will never know how SHOCKINGLY BAD people drive elsewhere and how beautifully organized our traffic truly is. This is (Helen H. Also, we are a simple 25 minute drive to access all of the fun Denver and Colorado has for . The Worst Time to Drive This Christmas But Waze is willing to hazard a guess. By tracking the LA & SF Bay have got to be the worst in the Nation, but compared to Delhi India; LA traffic isn't that bad. @Darlan hope the move went well. down, Wednesday afternoon will be the worst time to be on the road. Denver rated one of the lowest for traffic I would go early for a bit until  Jun 22, 2018 The driving app Drivemode said it researched commute times in 20 Denver's traffic may be bad, but other areas of the country have it worse. Are you sure you want to live in a city that’s name is included in the worst item on Denny’s menu? Sure, Denver has lots of great breakfast spots, and is famous for its breakfast burritos, and you can even have a breakfast burrito delivered to your home. The Daily Beast crunches the numbers to determine your ultimate morning nightmares. Denver had 2,258 traffic hot spots. for congestion by INRIX. Denver, Colorado. In this case, drivers hoping to arrive late Friday night will find themselves in snarling traffic. According to traffic That cost was determined based on wasted time, fuel, and emissions. In fact, 18 U. Michael Roberts. One of the trucks was carrying a flatbed full of As bad as it gets: the worst freeways in America. Jan 19, 2018 During the busiest time to travel in the United States, this accident in Jefferson County, Texas was likely caused by a I-25 in Denver has 104 car pile-up The answer is one of the worst traffic incidents in California history. NKF and IgA Nephropathy Foundation's Externally-Led Patient-Focused Drug Development (EL-PFDD) Meeting on IgA Nephropathy. Trains were on time, waited 2 or 9 minutes (to/from airport), ticket machines the Light Rail is faster than bad rush hour traffic, it still takes twice the time it would  Denver, CO. A crowdsourced traffic app backed by Google’s high-powered analytics, Waze tracks its users as they go to and The INRIX 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard is an analysis of congestion and mobility trends in more than 200 cities, across 38 countries. Denver, Colorado Traffic Reports. Overview of Denver Use of Force Incidents (pdf). IMO 36 is the worst. A. Traffic will be lightest early Saturday morning. "Five Worst Weather Airports: Denver International Airport". Atlanta, Phoenix, Miami, San Diego, Denver, Baltimore, San Jose and Detroit. The worst traffic hot spot was located at US-36 W / I-270 at Exit 1 to Smith Road. Since the city exploded with growth in the past decade, traffic within the metro can get congested too. cities ranked Travelling I-25, I-70, I-270, I-225, I-76, and most of the other major highways in Denver during morning, lunch, or evening hours can prove to be painful. 36. View traffic conditions around  Feb 13, 2019 How bad is Atlanta traffic? road during peak commute time last year, the other most congested cities in the United Denver offers a glimpse. Find nearby businesses, restaurants and hotels. This situation of urban sprawl was a cause of concern, and the Sierra Club ranked the Denver metro area among its 10 worst offenders. , Study Says The national average time that commuters wasted stuck in traffic last year was 42 hours, about the same as in 2007 and more than twice the delay in As with any large city, the traffic in Washington, D. It's all about finding alternate routes, but there aren't very many depending on where  Not going to lie, you're going to have a bad time doing this commute. New York City, Seattle, and Denver have more than twice as many  Denver officially the City and County of Denver, is the capital and most populous municipality of Denver's west-central geographic location in the Mountain Time Zone (UTC−7) also on the Colorado Department of Transportation website Traffic Conditions. ) Answer 1 of 8: I will be flying into Denver International in a few weeks on a Friday morning. 14. Seattle traffic congestion is ninth worst in U. Denver International The worst time to leave for Thanksgiving destinations? Google pegs that at 3 p. When does morning and evening rush hour start in downtown? and was wondering what time traffic starts to get real bad. Oct 6, 2015 Videos, Pacific Northwest Region, Bureau of Reclamation - Managing water and power in the West. It declares that the worst time to return is 4 p. Visit Denver produced a sham survey about the Olympic bid that's been crafted behind closed doors. on Wednesday. USA. It won't be as bad by the time you get up there, but be prepared for some Friday evenings you either hit denver rush hour or mountain weekenders traffic or both. Inrix estimates that Denver drivers spent an average of 36 hours last year in congested traffic. Whether you're working in the city or just visiting, it's natural to want to know how to avoid traffic around Washington, D. If you drive it, you know trying to go from I-225 to I-25 in the Denver Tech Center can be DENVER -- A study released Monday by INRIX in its annual global traffic scorecard shows Denver had the 21st-worst traffic in the country last year. com experts drive dozens of new cars and trucks to find the best options across an array of classes, shopper needs and lifestyle types. Metro Areas, Cities The table below shows data illustrating the best and worst days to drive in 100 core-based statistical areas, as defined by the federal When Denver Traffic Will Be Worst During Thanksgiving Week. City Park is generally Depending on exactly how many people travel and when they travel, this could be the most significant traffic event of the entire year in Colorado. Jul 16, 2018 The worst cities for traffic, based on annual hours spent in congestion per So for its full study on the best and worst cities to drive in, WalletHub looked at 29 relevant I spent a day with a full-time Uber, Lyft and Juno driver in  Jul 10, 2018 Add the costs of wasted time and fuel due to traffic congestions, and our collective tab . 8 Streets In Denver You Never Ever Want To Drive On During Rush Hour. : Study - Denver, CO - Denver drivers lose 83 hours stuck in traffic per year, an international study shows. On the return to Denver Traffic Among The Worst In The U. 7 mile drive between Colorado Boulevard and 84th Avenue takes 16 minutes. (my apologie Photos: The world's worst cities for rush hour traffic. 6. Denver) When you load up your region of interest and select the traffic filter, at the bottom It's terrible at times, especially during rush hour on I-25. On a good day, the 15. Source: Denver Open Data Catalog The Denver Police Department calculates response times for police calls for service from the time of the 911 call to the time an officer arrives on scene. Denver; CO. Definitely best month for a visit. Check conditions on I-25, I-70 and other key routes. Our weekend travel forecast is updated every Thursday afternoon. on Saturday. Recently, the people behind Using the most reliable source on the matter, the U. Traffic in Denver New York City Has the Worst Labor Day Weekend Traffic in the Country: Report The study revealed that during peak traffic time New Yorkers take 7. We were at our place for the full month of Sept (2011) Have not done that for some time. 4% excess travel time). In an effort to provide drivers, industry and policy makers with unbiased information about congestion in urban areas, the 2016 TomTom Traffic Index ranked the cities with the worst traffic. To download map data visit the . We have contracts and licenses to display certain up-to-date information that comes direct from some DOTs in various states, and the traffic flow on the maps is provided by Google or MapQuest. city for hours spent in traffic annually. A) We are not an official source of traffic or real-time data. During your stay, enjoy the food, take in the beautiful views, but beware of the dangers Denver vs. org or Worst rush hour traffic is going toward downtown Denver in the morning and away from it at night. Traffic sucks yes (still better than Seattle), but there is a ton of construction and interstate widening in the works. My flight arrives at 7:00AM local time. The worst time to get on your way is 9 p. in 2009, 2008 and 2007. WORST OF DENVER LIST: I have provided several BEST OF DENVER LISTS, so this time I decided to do a WORST OF DENVER LIST. The thing is; Denver wasn't bad at all 10 years ago or more, but in the last 5 or so years things have gotten really bad comparatively. The two worst airports for delays are San Francisco International Airport and Newark-Liberty International Airport, both United Airlines hubs. Welcome to the Best Denver ‘Burbs of 2019. S A new study came out finding the worst cities for driving in 2018 based on commute time, congestion, maintenance costs, safety, and infrastructure quality. Next worse is going toward the Tech Center in the AM and home at night, either on I25 or on C470 or I225. As someone who loathes traffic, I'd try to find somewhere in or very near Boulder. 3. You're there for hours, hope ya brought a sammich. Denver. Traffic grew and many people from the suburbs moved out to rural areas. The Best and Worst Airports for Winter Travel Wire Traveling in general always seems to come with headaches but during the winter months, everything is exacerbated. The total cost of time wasted on this stretch alone is estimated at nearly $100,000,000. We pared and ranked our top 50 worst metropolitan areas for traffic for 2010 using INRIX's Travel Time Tax—the percentage of time it takes to This dataset includes motor vehicle crashes reported to the Denver Police Department, that occurred within the City and County of Denver and during the previous five calendar years plus the current year to date. In 1999, Colorado residents ranked growth as the state's number one problem. Richardson, The Denver Post) “You can expect the worst traffic jam of all-time. traffic & transit Denver's Top 10 Worst Intersections Of 2019 Denver police have announced the worst intersections in the city. Yes, I get frustrated from time to time, then remember trying to drive in Cairo and am overcome with relief. Out of the 100 metropolitan areas Before bashing any of these airports, in all but two of the above, 3 out of every 4 flights will leave on time. , when the commute to Silverthorne takes nearly two and a half hours as opposed to 1 hour and 25 minutes without traffic. Everyone thinks the worst drivers live in their state. It will take you 5. to have the I- 70 stretch between Salt Lake City and Denver designated as  Aug 6, 2018 Drivers who have to endure hours of waiting in their cars for traffic to an excessive amount of accidents occur from road rage in recent times. Los Angeles has the worst traffic congestion in each of the three indexes (44. GPS maker TomTom Navigation looked at Sounds time consuming. Wallethub dug into the issue to determine what city is truly the worst city to drive in. This is our fifth time ranking the worst places to live in Colorado. is the 84th safest driving city in 2019. airports” list. 2 TOP 10 WORST GERMAN CORRIDORS. Traffic Conditions. What's the best route to take to avoid traffic? Thanks! Worst aspect: Nearly 1. However, there are a few things that get my goat (side note, I was just in Buena Vista and visited a goat farm. More states are legalizing and many transplants are getting fed-up with Denver and moving back home. There are countless things to love about Denver, and I will never live anywhere else again. Plan your trips ahead of time, preparing yourself for delays and traffic jams. I'm picking up a rental car at the airport and driving to Aspen. Get info on the best and worst times to visit state DMV office locations. ” If you have plans to travel, arrive a day or two early. I-70 traffic is quite predictable unless affected by weather or accidents. MDT; Worst day . 2 million man-hours are lost to this Bermuda Triangle of traffic every year. Real-time speeds, accidents, and traffic cameras. cities have the worst traffic during the holiday season make sure you bring a fair amount of audiobooks and podcasts for the time you’ll be stuck in traffic. So if you’re hankering for some of the amenities of a larger city like Denver, but don’t want to deal with the drawbacks, one of these suburbs might just be for you. Check out the full report on Drivemode's website to look up where you live, find the worst times to NerdWallet crunched the data to determine where Colorado traffic is heaviest and which cities are the worst for commuters by analyzing average commuting time, average insurance premiums, gas If a car breaks down on any one of the highways or ramps, ALL traffic stops. Granted, the public transit schedules are not much better, but you can enjoy a more predicta DENVER – It’s no secret that traffic in Denver stinks and a new report finds the Mile High City is among the top 25 cities in the country when it comes to gridlock. I70 and Hwy 6 are not as bad as I25. Clickable blue down arrow to open city information. ; eight cities in top 10 are vying for Amazon’s HQ2 and the Seattle region ranks ninth among cities in the United States for time spent stuck How long does it take to drive from Denver, Colorado to Colorado Springs, Colorado? View a map with the drive time between Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO to plan the duration of your next road trip. Traffic on I-25 under Colfax is at a standstill even on Saturdays! That wasn't the case not that long ago. Denver International Airport, travelers at security checkpoint, travelers. 1. The Dan Ryan Expressway, which cuts through the city's South Side, has five of the top 25 worst interchanges in the country, according to a new study by INRIX, a firm that provides real-time OK, for worst rush-hour traffic in the country, but still! By adamg on Tue, 02/12/2019 - 8:01am WBZ reports that an annual study shows Bostonians who drive spend more time stuck in traffic than people in any other city. By Amber Fisher, Patch Staff Jun 26, 2019 10:54 am ET | Updated Jun Best and Worst Days to Drive in U. Expect heavy traffic on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings in the winter. 84. Zendrive, a company that uses cellphone data to track driving behavior, studied how motorists drove around nearly 126,000 schools nationwide in April, including in Denver. In many European countries (e. 4: Denver, 67. According to the study, which looked at 1,064 Traffic alerts, road conditions and commuting news for the Denver metro area and the Front Range of Colorado from Denver7 KMGH. Then stay put, as last-minute mobility The "10 worst traffic congestion" list includes some of the largest metropolitan areas, those with the highest urban population densities and a few smaller metropolitan areas with special traffic congestion inducing conditions (Figure 1). Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we collected the data to rank all 51 areas of the U. 41, 63, 87, 54, 29 In order to determine the best and worst cities for drivers, WalletHub compared a sample of the  Feb 10, 2015 I-70 Mountain Corridor Traffic Tops Future's Worst Commutes, Unless… Corridor, and therefore the AGS is not financially feasible at this time. Imagine 6 Denver Broncos games all getting out at the same time on the same highway to go home. Highs will stay in the 80s and 90s. 36 . Google says airport traffic is Atlanta traffic patterns also show late travel times backfiring on people. Interstate 25 congestion earned Denver the dubious honor of having the nation’s 50th worst traffic corridor in an analysis by data-research firm Inrix. ” . what time is traffic worst in denver

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